About Wilson Hein & Associates!

We are glad you asked! Wilson Hein & Associates is a mutli service provider of technology professionals and solutions covering a full range of uses. We are based in Lebanon, PA and prefer to cater to the local small business owner, since they have the most at stake.

Right now this is a one man show. However let us say I am working with a new client and their project requires something that I can not personally provide them. I will locate a professional whom I will provide that will meet or exceed the requirements to see that the clients needs and expectations are completely satisfied.

If you think you are one of those technology professionals living in the Lebanon area, then we would really like to speak with you. Find out what you are and have been doing in technology, and see what we can do to help you, a fellow tech pro.

Wilson Hein & Associates have a number of deeply held beliefs like "the customer is always right", or by just having good moral values and exceptional business ethics, are just a small example of what allows us to go home at night. Satisfied in knowing we have given you our best.

Do we sound like someone you would partner up with on a project? Then it is time to Contact Us so we can talk technology!