Our Customers!

You the customer are our biggest asset which we value like a good friend. We believe that is just one of many things that Wilson Hein & Associates has to offer the perspective or new customer, right along with the long standing partner. The pleasure for us will be that you will help us define in part our services based on your needs. This will evolve in the talking points listed on the bottom of each page. In the mean time, let me introduce to you some people we have helped, and or continue to serve.


We were first introduced to Dengler Signs Towers & Electric, Inc. through a good friend and business owner who thought we should help them with a computer networking issue. Over the course of the visit, we not only resolved their LAN issues, we also learned that we have a number of common interests. The beauty of it is that we find times where we can help each other! We continue to develop and host their website and related internet services, along with those occasional urgent calls when things just don't seem to be working right. We enjoy working with Bill Dengler and Dengler Signs Towers & Electric, Inc.!

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All of a sudden one day, I couldn’t update and save files, add new contacts, and sync my calendar on Outlook. I thought it was due to a recent transition to Windows 10. Wilson Hein & Associates came to my rescue by diagnosing and solving my problems within a few days. Thank you for keeping me productive through telephone conversations and remote access! ~ Lisa Heintzelman, Illuminations Consulting